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Getting to Know Lynx

What is Lynx?

Lynx is an advanced decentralized perpetuals exchange offering up to 100x leverage trading on an expanding list of tradeable instruments. Lynx attracts liquidity for a fraction of the cost of its competitors allowing it to generate higher trading volumes per dollar deposited.
As the only Perp DEX to support leverage trading using any collateral asset, Lynx enables traders to use their favorite ERC-20 tokens - from governance tokens to yield-bearing assets - to gain exposure to other instruments without selling their token holdings. We are consistently adding support for new collateral assets via our Partner Network.

Key Features


  • Any Token as Collateral: Trade perpetual futures using any listed collateral token with price volatility having no impact on the health of your position
  • Guaranteed Payouts to Winning Traders: Reserve funds ensure traders can be compensated for every profitable trade, guaranteeing payouts regardless of black-swan events or bank runs
  • Low Liquidation Penalties: Trade big with near-zero penalties on trades closed by liquidations
  • Reduced Gas Costs: Signing 'intents' rather than normal transactions significantly reduces gas costs
  • CEX-Like Trading Experience: Use Stop Loss/Take Profit, advanced charting, one-click trading (coming soon), and more enhanced features

Liquidity Providers:

  • Single-Asset Exposure: Limit exposure to select assets by providing liquidity to single-asset pools rather than a multi-asset basket
  • No Impermanent Loss: Provide liquidity by depositing one token instead of depositing a pair
  • Limited Counterparty Risk: Funding rates exchanged between traders helps balance open interests and reduces exposure to trader PnL
  • Mitigated Price Manipulation: Advanced price impact modeling prevents traders from manipulating spot prices to benefit their position (coming soon)

Listing your Token

Any protocol, DAO, or blockchain can easily list its token on Lynx, enabling anyone to trade perpetuals using it as collateral. Listing your token as a collateral asset on Lynx has many benefits:
  • Revenue Opportunities for the Listing Protocol
  • Increased Utility for Token Holders
  • Reduce Sell-Pressure on the Token (holders can get exposure to other assets without needing to sell)
  • Customizable Listing (eg. determine which instruments are tradeable against your token)
Listing your token as a collateral asset on Lynx does not:
  • Allow traders to short your token - only use it as a collateral asset
  • Sell off your token during liquidations: liquidations create no negative price impact or risk of cascading events
With the flexibility to support any collateral asset, listing on Lynx is quick and easy. To learn more about integration, contact us.