Getting to Know Lynx

What is Lynx?

Lynx is a decentralized perpetuals trading protocol offering up to 100x leverage across numerous instruments including crypto, forex, and stocks.
Lynx is the only exchange that can support leverage trading against any collateral asset. On Lynx, traders can use their favorite protocol tokens to gain exposure to a variety of tradeable instruments with no swaps necessary. We are consistently adding support for new collateral assets via our Partner Network.

User Advantages

  • Increased Token Utility: Trade perpetual futures using one of many supported tokens
  • Professional Experience: Use SL/TP, advanced charting, one-click trading (coming soon), and more enhanced features
  • Low Cost: Competitive trading fees and low price-impact trading
Liquidity Providers:
  • Tailored Exposure: Single-asset liquidity pools offer exposure to specific assets rather than a basket
  • Increased Revenues: Earn trading fees and interest payments from traders
  • Near Delta-Neutral: Funding rates exchanged between traders promote balanced open interests and reduced PnL exposure
  • Mitigated Exploit Risk: Artificial price impact mechanism (coming soon) mitigates risks of trader price manipulations

Integrate Lynx Protocol

Any protocol, DAO, or blockchain can easily list its native token on Lynx, enabling anyone to trade perpetuals against it. Listing your token on Lynx creates:
  • Revenue Opportunities for the Protocol
  • Increased Token Utility for Holders
  • No Sell-Pressure Incurred (even during liquidations)
  • Wider Distribution of your Token
With the flexibility to support any settlement asset, listing on Lynx is quick and easy. To learn more about integration, contact us.