Funding Your Account

Depositing/Withdrawing Funds to Your Lynx Account

Before using Lynx, all users must fund their Lynx account. Tutorial: Deposit/Withdrawal to Lynx Account

Depositing into your Account

All users - whether traders or liquidity providers - must deposit funds into their Lynx account before using the platform. Funds can be deposited from any supported origin chain, and doing so allows all future interactions on Lynx (eg. opening trades, supplying liquidity, etc.) to be done without gas fees to the user.

Lynx is a non-custodial exchange and users retain full ownership over their funds, which can be withdrawn by the user at any point. To learn more about funding your account, seeCross-Chain Perpetuals.

Withdrawing from your Account

Users can withdraw funds from their accounts at any time using the same wallet they used to deposit funds. Thanks to the use of intents, withdrawals are done with no gas costs to the user. Upon submitting the intent to withdraw, funds are returned to a user's wallet as soon as the transaction is settled (Note: this may take up to a few minutes).

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