Trigger Bots

Executing Transactions on Lynx

Every operation on Lynx - from opening a trade to liquidating a position - utilizes an ecosystem of trigger bots to complete the task. These bots are responsible for providing an updated and reliable price to be used when processing the operation.

Most operations are done in two phases: first, a user registers their request (via an Intent-Based Order System); then, a bot triggers the request. Trigger bots therefore constantly monitor the state of the platform, looking for requests that can be triggered.

The use of these trigger bots offers two main benefits:

  1. Prevent Oracle Front-Running: Prices are pulled on-chain and used in one single transaction, preventing traders from making opportunistic trades based on upcoming price updates

  2. Provide Up-to-Date Pricing: Prices are retrieved at the exact moment that they're needed, offering the freshest and most reliable prices at a fraction of the cost of traditional price feeds

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